Age care Centers

Age care centers is a place to take care of elderly people who are in various caring needs and conditions. Age care centers may need suitable Medical Practitioners, Registered Nurses & Other Allied health support staff to ensure a best caring services for their precious elderly people.

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Public & Private Hospitals

In Australia, hospital services are provided by both public and private hospitals. The state and territory governments mainly own and manage public hospitals. Public acute hospitals mainly provide 'acute care' for short periods, although some provide longer term care, such as for rehabilitation & Mental Health Services

Private hospitals are mainly owned and managed by private organisations; either for-profit companies, or not-for-profit non-government organisations. Some are giving Day care and others are giving overnight care as well.

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Specialist Centers/ Diagnostic Clinics & Other Medical and Healthcare service providers

Any employers, who are run their Specialist centers, Diagnostic Clinics & other Medical and Health Care industries are welcome to contact us for Recruitment & placement of Medical Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Allied Health Staff, Practice Managers, Medical Administrators/ Directors and other Health Care Professionals recruitment solutions.

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